Lilac Cake Boutique

Her sugar flowers stopped me from across the room when I first laid eyes on them and I thought "We have to get these cakes in front of our cameras!"  Then, I met with Karolina of Lilac Cake Boutique and learned all about her pastry training in Paris and knew they were going to taste as amazing as they looked!

We finally got the chance to collaborate a couple of weeks ago and the cakes did not disappoint!  Then she hit us with the marvelous macarons.  Heaven!  We chatted with Karolina and we're sharing it with you below!

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Do you remember when you baked your first cake?
Yes. I always loved sweets. In my family, we have a tradition to take an afternoon coffee break accompanied by a cake slice. One time, I decided to bake a banana cake recipe and I LOVED it. It soon became my number one dessert. I’ve tweaked the recipe over the years. The flavor “Happily Ever After” from my menu is inspired from that one, with the addition of an artisanal salted caramel. It turned out to be one of my favorite flavors. | Cake slices on vintage gold plates | Lilac Cake Boutique | Alante Photography

When did you decide to open your own cake business?
It’s funny, because I was always selective with cake flavors, even before I started studying Pâtisserie. I guess you could say it was meant to be? Haha! After I moved to the US [from Brazil], I had the chance to follow new passions. That’s when I started a Pâtisserie program at “Le Cordon Bleu”. At first, I was in love with all sorts of desserts and I loved how they could be presented beautifully. I did a couple of internships by the end of my program, one of them in France. On this side of the pond, I got to do wedding cakes with my former professor. That’s when I realized how amazing it is to take a few ingredients and a lot of artisanal work to create spectacular show pieces that are edible and scrumptious. I knew I had to proceed into crafting cakes and Lilac Cake Boutique is the result of this passion. | Anemone cakes and purple macarons | Lilac Cake Boutique | Alante Photography

Where do you find the inspiration for your one-of-a-kind cake designs?
I have a background in arts and design and I transpose this into my craft. As for every art, I have my own creative process: I start by listening to the soon-to-be-married couples to understand what they are looking for in their cake. What feelings do they want to convey? What colors and shapes do they like? What details of the party should be reflected in the piece? Once I know this, I start sketching and come up with a few designs. When the final design is picked, it’s all about crafting sugar flowers, baking, and decorating a unique cake. | Metallic cake from Lilac Cake Boutique | Alante Photography

What is the best part of your work?
Baking various yummy flavors all from scratch and bringing to life my unique cake designs give me a great feeling of accomplishment. However, there is nothing more gratifying to me than the first time a couple sees their wedding cake. The happiness and emotion in their eyes speak volumes to me. That is an indescribable and unique feeling as a cake artist. | Anemone and metallic wedding cake from Lilac Cake Boutique | Alante Photography

What other desserts do you offer?
We offer macarons that are individually handmade and are a perfect fit to compose a sweet table at a wedding. They are very versatile: they can be colored, displayed and personalized in a variety of ways. We also offer our minicakes, which I find so adorable. They are fully decorated, single serving cakes and may even replicate the main cake’s design. Last but not least, we also offer cupcakes that can be also dressed for the party.

Are these sweets not amazing!?  And below, I had to focus in on one of those perfect sugar anemones.  It is so inspiring to me that Karolina created this entirely edible beauty!