Class of 2018 - Jewel

We complained about it on Facebook and now we have to take it to the blog.  As people who graduated high school in the (ahem) '90s, it's fully unfair how put together, photo savvy, and delightful high school seniors are now.

This is Jewel.  Longtime followers may recognize her from ballet portraits when she was younger but now she's her yearbook editor and about to launch into her college career.  We wanted to create a set of photographs that would be contemporary and fun for Instagram and social media sharing immediately as well as capture a variety of moods and expressions that she and her family can look back on through the years to remember this big transition.

The constant fear is cheesy senior photos, right?  So we're looking for light and backgrounds and moods that overcome fake smiles and cringe-y poses.  We adore this collection and hopeyou do too!

We are still accepting a few more seniors this year, so get in touch!